On Writing

It’s a dark, rainy day here in coastal New England. I’m sitting at my dining room table with my (now empty) cup of coffee, having just done some writing. I have not posted in a while because I have been busy. I got a new job, which sucks on several levels, one of which being that it detracts from time/energy directed towards writing. Also I took a class recently which was in the mornings: the time I most prefer to write.

I’m working on a novel as well. I will continue to post here, perhaps excepts from what I’m working on or possibly some of what I come up with here will find its way into the book. I don’t know yet. It’s just hard to find the time.

A friend of mine who lives in Europe now and I see every couple years, advised me just to write every day. “It doesn’t have to be good: Just write.” So with those words echoing in my head, I’m back to putting other words down. Hopefully I choose the right ones, and put them in the proper order.

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