“Thanks but no thanks.”

I haven’t written anything in a while, which is not to say that I have writer’s block, more like achiever’s block. Just haven’t been feeling motivated. I did write something for a website, a potential paying gig, but it was rejected and I was told “the humor isn’t there.”

Getting rejected is a reality if you want to be in the creative arts as a profession, and you need to be able to sit with whatever discomfort that comes along with it. I won’t say you should (or can) stop caring about these things. It sucks for a little while, but then you have to figure that it’s just one person’s opinion of whatever you wrote. I mean, there are people who don’t like ______ (fill in blank with your favorite author, band, food, etc.) after all. Crazy motherfuckers.

I’m sure that if you talked to established professionals in whatever medium, they would all have far more tales of rejection than acceptance. Another commonality would be that they didn’t give up when countless doors slammed in their face. I firmly believe that success does not happen when you hear “yes,” it happens when you hear “no” but keep on pushing forward.

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