Listening Party

I think most people have pretty eclectic taste in music. I rarely come across somebody these days who only align themselves with one or two genres. That’s a good thing. It’s funny because we tend to lump other people into categories like “hip hop fan” or “country fan,” which might not be fair after all.

To my ear, Ween and John Coltrane are both fantastic. I think there’s room for Sonic Youth as well as Eddie Van Halen in the rock guitar pantheon. An aside, if Sonic Youth didn’t have the noise-rock/art school image they could have been one of the biggest psychedelic bands. I recall friend of mine once pointed out a similar thing about the German group Can.

But having a broad taste comes at a price. When my iWhatever shuffle went from Jay-Z to Yes I must have passed out from the shock. Because when I woke up, there was 11:37 left on the Yes song, so I calculate that there was over eight minutes of unaccounted for time. I don’t think I was abducted by aliens, but you never really know.

Tornadoes & Tigers & Floods, Oh #*@%!

“It could be worse,” some people are wont to say.  But it doesn’t always feel like it’s true on those really bad days.  But keep this in mind:

This past Wednesday, several tornadoes touched down in the fair state of Oklahoma.  Homes were demolished, there were injuries and even deaths.  The storms were accompanied by flash flooding as well.  And in the town of Tuttle, OK a tornado damaged The Tiger Safari, allowing several exotic animals to escape temporarily.

Authorities warned the public of the situation and advise them to stay indoors.  So imagine, you survive a catastrophic weather event, only to face the challenge of making it through a night of being stalked by 500 lb. carnivores that can pretty much see in the dark.  And what was that about staying “indoors?”  Oh you must mean my house which no longer exists!  Very helpful, those authorities.

So you see, it CAN get worse.  If you’re reading this, you’ve probably got a roof over your head, are experiencing non-leathal wind speeds (if any), and have a negligible chance of death by tiger.  I bet having just one of those is sounding pretty good for a resident of Tuttle, OK.  Stay safe you guys!

Over Our Heads; or Improv Night At The Cosmos Club

I wonder if God is bummed out. I mean, nobody gets his best jokes. We all know the duckbill platypus is an odd beast. It’s a play on the whole evolution thing, it’s a mash-up, I get it. But how about the fact that men and women’s sexual peaks are about a decade out of alignment. He may have given a wink and elbow nudge when he made that up, but come on man. That’s just inconvenient for everybody.

Let’s look at some physics. The imbalance of matter vs. antimatter in the universe isn’t exactly the stuff of comedy. People are trying to study that shit. I mean seriously study it.

Also, don’t worry if you’re drinking something while reading about the wave/particle duality of light and how it can behave like both, you’re not gonna shoot milk out of your nose. It might be a cosmic knee slapper to the creator, but to us it’s merely a head scratcher.

The Bermuda Triangle? More hazardous than hilarious. Don’t get me started on that thing.

So maybe we should all pretend to laugh along with what we don’t understand in the universe. It could be your ticket into the great comedy club of the afterlife. And let’s hope there isn’t a 2 drink minimum.