His father they said
was a poet of note
had received some award I’d never heard of
I’d been to one of his readings
an ivy league event or
at very least near campus
it crushes me to think
of him all those years
at his office desk job stepped on
and put in his place
by his

Stick With It

If it’s something you love, keep it near to your heart. I think that’s what happens as we get older: we let things slip away because it’s easier to do so in the moment, and then make excuses about not having enough time or whatnot. It’s a tough lesson to learn. And sometimes what we’re told to hold onto or what we’re told to get rid of, it might not even be right for you. It might be right for someone else, but I believe that at a certain point we learn what’s best for ourselves. Whether we can block out the noise of others’ opinions is another story though.