When The Night Turns Black

In the city where needles grow
out of the walls where no one goes
maybe the rain will come again
your eyes it burns, your clothes it stains

And all these people look through you
but the mask you’re wearing isn’t true
and all of the logic fades from view
when the night turns black and leaves you blue

I met a girl she kissed me like a wave
that sinks one ship while another is saved
I wrote that line so I won’t forget
about giving up and about regret

You raise the bottle to your lips
it’s filling you up but the leak still drips
you’re numb and answers start to slip
when the night turns black in the moon’s eclipse

And when I tried to bring it all back home
an accident blocked off the road
the oil, thick and deep spread out
and poured out of the faucet spout

And all of the filthy dollar bills
are washed off clean while the blood still spills
the killer walks and the jailor kills
when the night turns black and cold and still

Gravity weighs upon your spine
it doesn’t rush it takes its time
and that’s when I knew you were mine
when the night turned black and I felt fine